I wrote a blog post not too long ago titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Keywords” which hopefully illuminated some of the aspects that go into choosing the most profitable keywords to target for your next marketing campaign. After I posted this article, I received a number of questions, comments, and messages asking what the process […]

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When Should I Start My SEO Campaign?

 We at FRINGE Digital Marketing Agency receive a lot of questions about when the best time to start a dedicated SEO campaign is. Many companies are confused as to why they would need to start an SEO campaign before their website is even up on the Internet. We understand this line of thinking as many […]

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Marketing Case Study – Keen Shoes

  In keeping with our decision to analyze and give credit to some of our favorite companies and their brilliant marketing strategies, we here at Fringe Digital Marketing Agency decided to focus this week on the retail industry. Since I am currently in the market for some new hiking boots, I decided to type that […]

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CONFIRMED: The World’s First Time Traveler

  We here at Fringe Digital Marketing Agency, like to remove our web design and SEO hats every once in a while to sit down and discuss things we find interesting in the tech world. It was in doing this that we came across the famous sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov (the creator of stories that led […]

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Beer, Business, and SEO: Why your Startup Can’t Afford to Wait.

 Many new business owners have a vision of SEO as something that can be started in some distant,  future time; after they have all of  their other “important” things in order. This could not be further from the truth. There is no such thing as starting an SEO campaign for your new startup “too early.” […]

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